With over 25 years in the industry, CBM Impex specializes in creating school infrastructures that resonate with the spirit of education. Our mission is to provide learning spaces that inspire, empower, and nurture the future generation.


How It Works: CBM Impex's School Infrastructure Process

1. Initial Consultation We initiate the process by scheduling a meeting with your institution. This is the stage where we grasp your vision, understand specific requirements, discuss preliminary ideas, set budgets, and outline the project's scope.

2. Site Assessment Post consultation, our team visits the proposed construction or renovation site. Here, we evaluate the geographical conditions, measure the available space, and inspect any existing infrastructure. This comprehensive assessment ensures our designs are tailored to the unique characteristics of the site.

3. Design and Blueprint Creation Our architects and designers then get to work, crafting a bespoke design that aligns with your institution's needs and our initial discussions. The result is a detailed blueprint that includes space allocations, aesthetic elements, and functionality considerations.

4. Regulatory Compliance Check Ensuring the school infrastructure meets all regulatory standards is paramount. We cross-check the designs with local building codes, CBSE, NCERT, state board, and other relevant guidelines. This ensures a hassle-free approval process and guarantees the infrastructure is up to par with educational standards.

5. Budgeting and Timeline Estimation With the blueprints in hand, we create a detailed budget and project timeline. This includes sourcing materials, manpower estimation, and phase-wise construction planning. We prioritize transparency, ensuring you're kept in the loop regarding all financial and time-related aspects.

6. Construction Phase With all plans and budgets approved, our construction team takes over. Adhering to the highest standards of quality and safety, they transform the blueprints into tangible structures, all while ensuring regular updates and checkpoints with your team.

7. Quality Assurance & Inspection Upon completion of the construction, a thorough quality check is performed. This includes structural integrity tests, safety audits, and a review of the implemented designs. We only move forward once every aspect meets our rigorous quality standards.

8. Handover and Documentation Once we ensure everything is in order, we officially hand over the infrastructure to your institution. This phase includes providing all necessary documentation, warranties, and maintenance guidelines, ensuring a smooth transition.

9. Post-Completion Support Our relationship doesn’t end after handover. We offer post-completion support, addressing any concerns or tweaks that might arise as you settle into the new infrastructure.

Our goal is to ensure a seamless, transparent, and efficient process, resulting in school infrastructures that stand the test of time and foster an environment conducive to learning.